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Solar Powered Attic Vents

What Are Solar Attic Vents?

Save up to 30% on your energy payments year round by installing solar attic vents in your home. During summer, these vents draw out the superheated air from inside the attic and replace it with cooler outdoor air. Solar attic vents are especially important during winter as they constantly exchange attic air which prevents moisture build up and excess heat. Additionally, installing a solar attic vent may qualify the homeowner for a Federal Solar Tax Energy Credit.

Solar Powered Attic Vent

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Powered Attic Vents?

How Many Solar Attic Vents Does A Home Need?

On average, installing two solar powered attic vents ensures adequate fresh air distribution throughout the entire attic, although larger homes may need more vents. For those living in a “Tiny Home” or other small living establishment, only one solar attic vent may be necessary.

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Who Can Help Me Install Solar Powered Attic Vents?

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