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Rockwool Insulation in Rockford, IL

What Is Rockwool Insulation?

Rockwool is the recreation of a naturally occurring material found in Hawaii. The material was found next to volcanos after an eruption since the high winds would blow the molten rock, forming thin rock strings which were then discovered hanging on the nearby trees. 

Rockwool insulation is produced liquifying rocks at high temperatures and spinning the liquid at a high speed to form thin fiber strings. This form of insulation boats an R-Value of 3.0-R to 3.3-R per inch.


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    Why Install Rockwool Insulation?

    Rockwool insulation has many important benefits like preventing fire, as the product is non-combustible and made out of rock. This product is extremely effective as a noise barrier, which muffles and absorbs sound waves. Rockwool can be installed as a blown-in loose-fill or in batts.

    This form of insulation is sustainable, as it is composed of rocks which are a naturally occurring material. Also, rockwool insulation has an extremely long lifespan and lasts for the the lifetime of the building.  Finally, the insulation is water repellant which prevents mold and mildew.

    Benefits of Rockwool Insulation

    Who Can Help Me Install Rockwool Insulation?

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