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Mobile Home Insulation

Why Insulate A Mobile Home?

The walls of a mobile home are incredibly thin, allowing hot or cold temperatures to become easily transferred between the inside and outside of the home. Adding insulation to a mobile home increases comfort, keeps cooler temperatures in summer, warmer temperatures in winter, prevents mold or mildew, reduces moisture and blocks out pests. 

Insulating the crawlspace of a mobile home prevents frozen pipes, keeps floors warmer and prevents cool drafts from entering the home. Most importantly, insulating the attic prevents warm air from rising up and escaping during winter, keeping the interior feeling cozy and preventing the HVAC from overworking.

Mobile Home

Which Areas Of My Mobile Home Should I Insulate?

A mobile home has many areas which are susceptible to energy loss, luckily adding insulation helps protect the home and lowers costly energy payments. The following chart describes the most crucial areas of the mobile home to insulate and why each area is important.

What Is The Best Insulation Product For Mobile Homes?

The walls of mobile homes can be retrofitted with loose-fill blown-in insulation or injection foam. The attic, crawlspace and skirting may be insulated with batts and rolls. New construction walls may be insulated with batts and rolls as well.

Who Can Help Me Install Mobile Home Insulation?

If you have any questions regarding our mobile home insulation in Rockford, IL, please get in contact with us at 833-244-7283. We will gladly answer any questions you may have and assist you in any way that we can. We look forward to working with you!

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