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Have you found yourself asking, “Why is my house so cold? Why is my attic wet? Why are my pipes frozen? How can I lower my energy payments?” If these are some of the issues you are having, Comfort 1st Insulation can help! We are expert insulation contractors in Roscoe, IL and are here to improve your energy efficiency, comfort and eliminate any insulation problems you may be experiencing.

Comfort 1st Insulation is based out of Rockford, IL, but also performs insulation services in the surrounding areas such as Roscoe, IL. Our family owned company takes pride in improving our local communities one insulation job at a time. 

All work is warrantied and all our technicians are certified and knowledgeable of all building codes. Comfort 1st Insulation offers expert insulation services such as:

At Comfort 1st Insulation, the customer always comes first and our technicians are always available to perform insulation services around your busy schedule. Our team is polite, on time, clean and professional. Call us today for a free quote and see how insulation can benefit you!1

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    Why did you start Comfort 1st Insulation?

    Our company was created in order to help our community become more energy efficient through the use of insulation. During almost every home energy assessment our company has conducted, at least one room in the home is losing energy due to inadequate insulation levels. 

    Air leakage within the home causes homeowner’s to use about 50% more energy to heat or cool the home, averaging an additional cost of about $100-$200 per month. Insulation reduces your carbon footprint and preserves the use of natural resources used to heat or cool a building. By insulating, air sealing and ventilating your home, Comfort 1st Insulation helps our community save money on energy payments while also protecting the environment.

    Why Choose Our Team?

    1. Professional Service

    Our certified technicians are polite, on time, knowledgeable of current building codes, insured and fully trained.

    2. Warranty

    All services performed by Comfort 1st Insulation are warrantied as a promise to our customers that the job is always done right the first time.

    3. Customer Satisfaction

    Comfort 1st Insulation is devoted to improving our customer’s energy efficiency and comfort through insulation services. The work is never completed until the customer is satisfied!

    Certified Experienced Technicians

    Comfort 1st Insulation technicians are certified, fully trained, insured, professional and punctual. Our installers have been working with our company for decades and are some of the most knowledgeable contractors in the insulation business. The team at Comfort 1st is kept up to date and informed about all new and current building codes, ensuring that the work we do is safe and meets compliance standards.

    Proven Insulation Installation Methods

    Comfort 1st Insulation uses methods of insulation installation which have produced lasting results and passed the test of time. Our technicians follow a company standard step by step process of preparing the work site, removing any obstructions or blockages,  installing the insulation product, air sealing any gaps or holes and finally performance testing the work for quality and excellence.

    High Quality Tools And Equipment

    Comfort 1st Insulation uses top of the line equipment and tools for installation installations. For spray foam insulation installations, our team uses an automatic spraying machine in order to evenly coat the walls or ceiling. An industrial insulation vacuum is used for insulation removal and sucks out the old insulation without dispersing any of the soiled material or particles into the air. For mold removal, Comfort 1st Insulation uses the industrial strength cleaner MMR MOLD STAIN REMOVER from Bad Axe which kills the mold, sanitizes and neutralizes odors.


    1. Call Us

    Consult with a Home Performance & Insulation Contractor for your free estimate and consultation.

    2. Free Quote

    Once you reach out, we’ll work with your schedule to plan an appointment for an expert to assess your home and provide an estimate.

    3. Do the Work

    After the assessment, you’ll be given a quote and we can proceed with performing work on your home.

    4. Start Saving

    Once the insulation work has been completed, you’ll notice decreasing utility bills, increased efficiency of the home, and greater comfort.

    Comfort 1st insulation offers a Free Home Energy Assessment (blower door testing/combustion safety testing is a paid service). Our certified technicians utilize high tech thermal imaging cameras to pinpoint areas lacking proper insulation. These insulation deficient areas are portrayed through the camera as hot or cold spots. We evaluate six important areas of your home: attics, rim & band joists walls, windows & doors, mechanical systems, and indoor air quality.

    After the energy assessment is completed, the customer is given a free quote which details a strategy plan to bring their home to it’s highest efficiency level. Comfort 1st Technicians can go over the cost to insulate a house and go over different products and options to fit your budget.KY7

    Comfort 1st Insulation provides expert spray foam insulation services in Roscoe, IL, which is the best product for attic insulation. Spray foam not only provides an air seal but also has one of the highest R-Values available on the market (5.0 – 7.0 per inch). Insulating an attic with spray foam strengthens the adjacent walls and deadens sound. This type of insulation is durable, long lasting and can be used for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications.

    Fiberglass insulation is also an effective product for attic insulation. Fiberglass has an R-Value of about 2.2 – 2.7 per inch and is also one of the most affordable insulation products for those who are on a tight budget. Fiberglass can be installed in batts or as a loose-fill. The benefit of loose-fill is that insulation can be added to existing walls by drilling small holes in the wall and blowing in the loose-fill fiberglass with an insulation blower machine. The holes are than covered and blended back into the walls. This process is called retro-fit insulation. Fiberglass batts can easy be installed in between the joists in the attic ceiling and the walls.

    Certifications And Affiliations

    Comfort 1st Insulation is affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, Energy Star, Rockford Chamber of Commerce and is Pearl Certified. We have been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since: 3/12/2019 and been listed in business for 31 years. Our team only installs Energy Star Certified Products in order to provide the highest R-Values and fire safety. As a Pearl Certified contractor, Comfort 1st Insulation offers the option to all customers to certify their home at a small additional fee.

    A Pearl Certification verifies the home, the appliances, the heating and cooling systems and the insulation is energy efficient and up to date current building codes. Pearl Certified homes have an increased property value and sell faster. As a member of the Rockford Chamber of Commerce, Comfort 1st Insulation takes pride in joining with our local community to provide expert insulation at an affordable price.

    Energy Star
    Pearl Certified
    Better Business Bureau

    Call Comfort 1st Insulation today for a free assessment and see if you qualify for energy rebates from your state energy program or local utility provider. You can click on the photos below to visit the energy savings websites.

    Comfort 1st Insulation always puts the customer 1st! Look at the reviews below to see what our customers have to say about their experiences.

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    Insulation Contractors In Roscoe, IL

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