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Insulation Removal

What Is Insulation Removal?

Comfort 1st Insulation offers expert insulation removal services. Removal may be needed after a severe storm, an animal infestation, or due to mold and deterioration. Removing insulation prevents structural damages, removes pests, improves air quality, prevents health issues and removes mold and mildew. Insulation may need to be removed it contains asbestos which causes cancer, diseases and illnesses.

Insulation Removal

Why Is Insulation Removal Important?

Insulation removal is important in the event of an infestation. An example would be an attic that has become infested with raccoons. Raccoons leave behind droppings and urine which begin to grow into bacteria and diseases. These diseases can then become airborne and blow throughout the home inside the heating and cooling systems. Soiled insulation is also necessary to remove in order to eliminate unpleasant odors which can attract more pests to the area. When an infestation occurs in an insulated area, insulation removal is crucial to protect the health of the inhabitants in the building.

Insulation which is damaged by water can be a result of storm damage, roof leaks or condensation build up from drafts. Water damaged insulation is dangerous as black mold can begin to grow inside it, which is then distributed throughout the home when the HVAC circulates air, leading to respiratory illnesses. Another crucial reason to remove water damaged insulation is to prevent structural damages. Water can absorb into the surrounding boards and cause mildew and wood rot. Overall, insulation removal protects from pest infestations, diseases, mold, mildew, respiratory illnesses, wood rot and structural deterioration.

Why Is Vermiculite Insulation Removal Important?

Vermiculite insulation was used from about 1925 to 1985 and was produced from a mine in Libby, Montana which was contaminated with asbestos. The asbestos in the insulation can lead to cancer, diseases and illnesses. 

If a building is insulated with vermiculite, it is crucial not to disturb the insulation. Avoid going into the attic or removing fixtures such as fans, unless a trained professional is there to handle the job safely. If a renovation needs to be done, insulation removal is necessary to protect the health of the inhabitants and prevent any asbestos from becoming airborne. 

Benefits of Insulation Removal

How Does Insulation Removal Work?

Soiled insulation is removed by a certified Comfort 1st Technician by use of an insulation vacuum. Once removed, the affected area is sterilized with an industrial cleaner and odor neutralizer. The area is inspected for any structural damage and any needed repairs are then made. Now, the area is clean and structurally sound and ready for brand new insulation to be installed.

Who Can Help Me Remove Insulation?

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