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Sonoglass Acoustic Treatment Insulation Spray

What Is Sonoglass Acoustic Treatment Spray Insulation?

Sonoglass thermal insulation spray is effectively applied in a thin single layer and provides an acoustic treatment for venues, churches, gymnasiums and theaters. It adheres almost all surface shapes such as curved, irregular, domed or flat.

While providing thermal insulation benefits, sonoglass most importantly reduces noise levels, creating a comfortable environment for noisy venues, performances, audiences and sports games.

Sonoglass Insulation

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    Why Should I Install Sonoglass Spray Insulation?

    One major benefit of sonoglass spray is the ability to apply it in a very thin layer which saves time and money, while still providing sound control and thermal protection. Also, the applied finish of the spray is polished, smooth and even, making sonoglass an esthetically appealing insulation spray.

    This mold resistant spray boats an R-Value of R-3.733 per inch and is created from recycled materials. Sonoglass is rated flame-spread 0, non-combustible, available in various colors and adheres to almost all surface types.

    What Are the Benefits Of Sonoglass Spray Insulation?

    Who Can Help Me Install Sonoglass Insulation?

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