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Retrofit Insulation

Retrofit insulation is the process of adding insulation to an already insulated building when the existing insulation has lost it’s R-Value or effective insulating properties. Insulation is inserted into the walls through small holes drilled one yard above the floor and one foot below the ceiling. An insulation blower machine or spray foam machine is used to fill the walls with spray foam or any type of loose fill material such as rockwool, fiberglass, cellulose or denim.

After the walls have been retrofitted with insulation, a small plastic cap is inserted into the hole and the area is skim coated and repainted to match the wall. Exterior walls of the home may be filled by removing pieces of the siding and then covering the area. 


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    Retrofit Insulation

    What Are The Benefits Of Retrofit Insulation?

    What is the cost of retrofit insulation?

    Spray injection foam provides an air seal and may be able to reach parts of the inside wall unreachable by a loose-fill blow-in product. Spray foam is higher in cost due to it’s special capabilities which may not be the best option for a home owner on a budget. However, a fiberglass loose-fill is a very affordable product and can offer comfort, moisture control and sound dampening at a much lower cost.

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    Who Can Help Me Install Retrofit Insulation?

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