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Blown-In Blanket System Insulation

What Is A Blown-In Blanket System (BIBS)?

The Blown-In Blanket (BIBS) system method of insulation keeps loose-fill insulation firmly in place between wall studs with a mesh netting. The netting is nailed into the studs and small holes are made in the netting.

The insulation blower is inserted through the netting holes and blows the loose-fill behind the netting, perfectly insulating around ductwork, pipes, and electrical boxes without any air pockets.


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    Why Use A (BIBS) Blown-In Blanket System?

    Benefits Of A (BIBS) Blown-In Blanket System

    One important benefit of blown-in blanket systems is that the insulation is firmly packed in place, without the ability to settle over time or form air gaps. This method of insulation is highly effective for sound dampening, preventing  mold, pests, drafts, pollens, and moisture. 

    Blown-in blanket systems have an R-Value of about R-4.23 per inch. The materials are also mold resistant, non-combustible, and created from recycled materials.

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