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Mold Removal Specialists

Mold Removal And Restoration

Comfort 1st Insulation offers expert services in mold cleansing and removal. Household mold can begin to form due to water leakage, storm damage, faulty plumbing, or high humidity. Once mold is detected, close off the area and call a mold removal specialist immediately. Do not attempt to spray any chemicals or blow any fans at the mold. 


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    Mold Removal Process

    Our certified technicians first remove any soiled debris with an insulation vacuum. Mold is then removed and sanitized with the industrial strength cleaner MMR MOLD STAIN REMOVER from Bad Axe. Next, the area is treated with an odor neutralizer and thoroughly examined for any structural damages. 

    Insulation Removal

    In the event that the mold damage is extreme and has gotten into the insulation, professional insulation removal services are needed. The technicians at Comfort 1st Insulation are trained and certified in removing and disposing of the mold infected insulation. The process is kept clean and contained so as not to spread to any other areas of the home or business.

    Attic Restoration

    Mold is common in many attics and may be caused by due to improper venting from bathroom fans. Once our team has removed the mold, infected insulation and sanitized the area, we can begin installing attic vents and properly venting the bathroom fan.

    Our Insulation Contractors in Rockford, IL

    Our insulation contractors are licensed, insured, and use only top quality materials from trusted brands. We’re certified and accredited professionals with the knowledge and experience to provide the best tailored insulation system for your needs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority—which is why we offer our lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee—letting you know we get the job done right the first time.

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    Curious about insulation installation for your home or place of work? Give us a call (833) 244-7283 to have one of our professionals inspect your attic. Have any inquiries for your Rockford area home or business? You can also email or fill out our contact form to get a hold of the experts at Comfort 1st Insulation. 

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