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Sound Deadening In Rockford, IL

What Is Sound Deadening?

Insulation has many important qualities, one of which is sound deadening. The main difference between sound proofing and sound deadening is that sound proofing blocks out all sound, while sound deadening muffles and reduces noise.

Sound deadening is achieved by installing a specialized insulation product and sound proofing can be accomplished by adding additional materials such as acoustic foam on walls. Sound deadening diminishes noises from barking dogs, passing cars, neighbors and noise between interior rooms.

Specialized insulation for sound deadening is available in rockwool, open cell spray foam, fiberglass and denim. Each products offers different benefits and various Sound Transmission Classes.

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    Sound Deadening

    STC Levels

    STC or Sound Transmission Class is a rating which measures a product’s capability to diminish noise between windows, floors, walls, ceilings and doors. Hiring a technician with the knowledge and understanding of STC levels is key in determining the correct insulation needed for each project.

    Which Insulation Products Are Used For Sound Deadening?

    Comfort 1st Insulation offers many options for sound deadening insulation. Learn about the different sound deadening insulation products offered below and determine which is right for you!

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