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The attic can be a major source of your home’s heat loss and the cause of energy inefficiency—mostly because heat rises. A poorly insulated attic allows the heated interior air to rise up into the attic and escape through multiple air leaks. Along with heat loss through the attic, a cold ceiling makes rooms below the attic even colder. According to ENERGY STAR®, poorly insulated attics are responsible for up to 30% of the heat loss in your home and up to 70% of energy loss is from the attic and roof; that’s equivalent to leaving a window open … all year round. This is why when thinking about improving your home, our attic insulation services in Rockford, IL, are a great starting point.

Comfort 1st Insulation provides free estimates and free consultations in addition to our attic insulation services in Rockford, IL. If you want to know how your home is truly performing, we provide BPI and RESNET certified Home Energy Assessments. Take a look at the top eight benefits of receiving an assessment today! An assessment is a full-top-to-bottom inspection of your home that reveals how efficient (or inefficient) every aspect of your home is in an easy-to-read report using the latest energy savings data models. You also receive a Home Energy Score from the Department of Energy!

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    How Do I Know If I Need Insulation?

    The Seven Deadly Signs of Inadequate Attic Insulation

    Having the correct amount of attic insulation in your home provides thermal resistance, or resistance to heat flow, and is proven to increase the performance of your home. Utilizing our attic insulation services in Rockford, IL, can also lower your utility costs.

    Do you think your attic is properly insulated? You might want to check!

    The U.S. Department of Energy recommends any home in the Illinois and Wisconsin area (zones 5-8) have at minimum 13 to 14 inches of insulation which is equivalent to an R-Value of 38 or greater (R-49 is the perfect level of insulation depth). The Insulation Institute conducted a study that revealed an estimated 90% of homes are poorly insulated (case study).

    What does this tell us? Homeowners all around the U.S. are dealing with higher utility bills, uncomfortable temperatures, and unnecessary wear-and-tear on their AC and Furnace.

    How we can help you fix not just your attic, but the overall comfort of your home.

    At Comfort 1st Insulation, we are certified experts who know exactly how to resolve any insulation or home performance issue you may have—especially in your attic.

    We provide a three-step attic insulation service in Rockford, IL, to help you save money, increase comfort, and boost energy efficiency.

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