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Monoglass Thermal Insulation Spray In Northern IL, Rockford, Chicago Suburbs & Southern WI

What Is Monoglass Thermal Spray Insulation?

Monoglass insulation spay is effective for application in difficult to reach areas and is created from a mixture of soft glass fibers and polymers. The spray can be applied 7 inches thick on vertical surfaces and 5 inches thick on horizontal surfaces.

An amazing benefit of monoglass spray is that it adheres to almost any surface such as glass, concrete, gypsum, wood, fireproofing, steel and more.  Vertical spray applications have an R-Value of R-28 and overhead applications have an R-Value of R-20.

Monoglass Spray Insulation

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    Why Install Monoglass Spray Insulation?

    One important quality of monoglass insulation is that it is mold resistant and is an effective in insulation for indoor pools or areas with high humidity. The spray offers high R-Values while also reducing noise levels. Monoglass spray can be applied in one swipe and expands to the desired size without need for any additional layers. When being applied to fireproofing, the fire ratings do not change as monoglass is non-combustible.

    Monoglass spray is non-combustible, non-toxic, flame spread 0 and smoke development 0. It boasts a Noise Reduction Coefficent of .95, meaning that 95% of sound waves are absorbed, while the last 5% are deflected. Created from partially recycled materials, monoglass can be considered a green form of insulation.

    What Are the Benefits Of Monoglass Spray Insulation?

    Who Can Help Me Install Monoglass Spray Insulation?

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