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Fresh Air Ventilation In Rockford, IL

What is a fresh air ventilation system?

Fresh air ventilation systems are used to purify, filter and bring fresh air into a building. The system is connected to an existing HVAC setup and is a necessary step after air sealing a building.

Once a building is air sealed, fresh air can no longer enter through gaps or cracks in the structure. Fresh air ventilation imperative for a health and preventing illness due to stale air buildup.


Fresh Air Ventilation

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    How does installing a fresh air ventilation system prevent COVID-19?

    Air circulation prevents airborne viruses from accumulating on surfaces by keeping the air flowing which improves health. Fresh air ventilation systems can also be incorporated with UV lights which kill bacteria, germs, viruses and diseases. When air filtration is added to fresh air ventilation system, pollens, pollutants, molds, and allergens are prevented from entering the building.

    One major benefit of a fresh air ventilation system is that the building is able to get fresh air all year round, no matter what the outside temperature is. While opening a window in spring or fall is an easy way to ventilate a home, it may be too hot in summer to too cold in winter to do so. Fresh air ventilation systems can bring in fresh air year round without affecting the temperature of comfort of the building.

    What is the difference between fresh air ventilation, air purification, and air filtration?

    While a fresh air ventilation eliminates air pollutants and viruses by circulating fresh air into the structure, air filtration and purification can always be added to the HVAC system for enhanced health protection.

    Does my home need fresh air ventilation?

    There are many obvious signs that a building needs fresh air ventilation and some hidden red flags as well. Please review this list of common reasons to add fresh air ventilation to a structure: 

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