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K13 Thermal Insulation Spray

What Is K13 Thermal Insulation Spray?

K13 is a spray on insulation used for thermal and noise control which is applied to ceilings as an exposed finish. This spray is used to create a comfortable sound controlled environment in offices, bars, restaurants and event venues.

K13 Spray Foam

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    For What Purposes Should I Install K13 Insulation?

    K13 thermal insulation spray is created from cellulose materials which are used to reduce noise levels and absorb sound. This versatile product can be applied on many surfaces and is useful in reducing noise in offices, music venues, restaurants or metal roofs. 

    Spraying fire resistant K13 insulation on the ceiling of a building increases safety.  K13 thermal insulation is fire class 0 meaning that it decreases the heat release and prevents the spread of flames on surfaces. 

    This green form of insulation is composed of recyclable materials such as cotton and wood. Applying K13 offers many esthetic benefits and can compliment any color scheme as the spray is offered in a variety of different colors.

    K13 spray can be applied 5 inches thick and has an R-Value of 3.75 per inch. This versatile spray can be applied to almost any surface shape such as domed, curved and corrugated. One of the many benefits of this spray is that it fills in gaps, cracks, creates an air seal, stops air leakage, condensation and moisture. Another amazing quality about K13 is that it adheres to metal, glass, gypsum, wood, concrete, and plasterboard.

    What Are the Benefits Of K13 Insulation?

    Who Can Help Me Install K13 Insulation?

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