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Basement Insulation in Rockford, IL

What Is Basement Insulation?

Basement insulation is important to install as it prevents pests, blocks drafts, creates warmer floors in winter, lowers utility payments and creates a steady temperature year round.

An uninsulated basement lets in moisture, mold, cold energy, drafts, pests and mildew. Once the basement is properly insulated, cold temperatures are blocked from ever entering the the structure, which creates a comfortable living environment from the ground floor up.

Basement Insulation

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    Why Should You Install Basement Insulation?

    Basement insulation has many benefits such as creating warmer home temperatures, reducing moisture, and blocking out pests. Insulated basements also provide warmer floors in the winter and cooler floors in the summer.

    An insulated basement prevents health problems caused from mold, moisture and mildew. Insulation stops mold growth by sealing any cracks or holes in the structure in which moisture could seep through. 

    Once insulated, the basement helps maintain a stable consistent home temperature year round. Also, an insulated basement can be used for storage, another bedroom, an office or workout room. Basement insulation improved property value and makes the home more appealing to potential buyers.

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    Who Can Help Me Install Basement Insulation?

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