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Ice Dam Control And Removal In Rockford, IL

What Is An Ice Dam?

Ice dams are created when an attic is lacking proper insulation. Heat from within the building rises to the roof and without a an adequate insulation barrier, the heat passes through the roof, melting the snow and ice above. The melted water then runs down to the eaves of the roof and freezes into ice dams and icicles. 

Ice Dam Control And Removal

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    Ice Dams Cause These Various Damages

    How Can Ice Dams Be Controlled And Prevented?

    Attics must be air sealed and insulated with a high enough R-Value for the climate area in order to prevent ice dams. Wiring, pipes, ducts, furnaces and chimneys are important to seal as well. Soffits and ridges must be ventilated, allowing heat and moisture to escape. Whole house fans need to be covered in order to block heat from escaping. Finally, chimneys must be flashed and sealed to prevent air leakage and moisture.

    Once the attic is adequately sealed and insulated, ice dams are no longer able to form and the roof and building are protected from structural damages.

    Who Can Help Me Remove Ice Dams?

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