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If you’re in need of an insulation company in the greater Rockford area, Comfort 1st can provide every service you need and more. We’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau, provide Home Performance with Energy Star and most importantly—our insulation installers are Building Performance Institute Certified Professionals.

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    Comfort 1st Insulation has been serving the area for over a decade. It is our goal to increase the comfort and efficiency of your home, while providing you with a great experience throughout your entire journey with us. Choosing a contractor for your home or commercial building problem is a very important decision. We try to make that an easier experience in any way that we can. We are here to help YOU.

    We are your trusted source for insulation with testimonials from many clients to back up our claims. We’ve gathered many of our most our customers most frequently asked questions to ensure you’re informed and feel confident when choosing us.

    The Team

    Our insulation technicians are skilled in working with all our products, from polyurethane foam and spray-on cellulose to fiberglass batting insulation. We are licensed and insured for everyone’s protection.

    Family owned and operated, we are dedicated to quality and customer service. Our family of skilled technicians and sales representatives are adept at pinpointing and tailoring to the needs of every customer.

    If you need effective insulation solutions for your home or office, contact the professionals at Comfort 1st Insulation today for a free estimate. Homeowners and Builders choose us for our reliability, reputation and affordable pricing—don’t take our word for it, check out our client testimonials.

    Contact us now for your free estimate or any comments, questions, or concerns. You can give us a call, email, or fill out our contact form.

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    Curious about insulation installation for your home or place of work? Give us a call (833) 244-7283 to have one of our professionals inspect your attic. Have any inquiries for your Rockford area home or business? You can also email or fill out our contact form to get a hold of the experts at Comfort 1st Insulation. 

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