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Don’t Forget To Rule Your Attic!

The attic isn’t just for storing Christmas decorations. In fact, its one of the most overlooked part of the home, and making sure that yours is properly insulated will both save you money and increase your comfort level. Before adding insulation consider Air Sealing to reduce drafts and improve insulation performance.

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    The first step to ruling your attic is to do a visual inspection of your attic and all of its components including: the roof deck, ventilation, and insulation. First, check for signs of moisture or discoloration on the roof deck. Next, make sure that your attic has enough low and high ventilation. Finally, inspect the insulation and make sure that it’s level without dips or gaps.

    If the insulation is below or level with the attic floor joists, then you will need insulation. If the floor joists are buried below the insulation, your attic insulation may be sufficient. Before insulating, consider Air Sealing attic penetrations to lock out pests, reduce drafts, and energy loss. You can call an insulation professional right away, or you can perform the inspection yourself with the proper safety gear.

    While in your attic don’t forget to bring a measuring tape. However, be aware that some older homes are insulated with Vermiculite insulation that may contain Asbestos fibers. If you suspect Vermiculite do not disturb the insulation and make sure to have it professional tested for Asbestos.


    Due to our extreme weather patterns and high humidity, it’s critical that your attic has proper ventilation and insulation. According to the International Residential Energy Code, an uninsulated attic should be insulated to a minimum R-value of R-49. For a 1500 square foot home, that adds up to around 2400 pounds of of added attic insulation!

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