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The Benefits of Air Sealing

Air sealing your home can do you a lot of good, including saving money on heating, cooling, and other utilities, keeping things healthier, and generally making your home feel cozier by extension. But what is air sealing and why does it work? Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of air sealing your home.

What Is Air Sealing?

The air sealing process involves performing an inspection of your home in search of places where air can leak out or in. This can cause your home to lose heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. When conditioned air escapes, your HVAC system needs to work extra hard to replace it. That translates into discomfort, wasted energy, and higher utility bills. Your basement, walls, crawlspace, and attic are all thoroughly inspected in preparation for the actual air sealing work. Once found, air leaks are sealed up with caulk, foam, insulation in its various forms, and weather stripping. In short, the leaks are plugged up, keeping the good air inside and the bad stuff out. But what are the general benefits of air sealing?

Universal Temperature Levels

As already suggested, when you air seal your home you keep the conditioned air, whether hot or cold, inside. Even better, when you seal up the usual suspects—window and door frames, cracks in the walls and foundation, and holes and cracks in the roof—you can maintain a universal temperature throughout the house. No more cold drafts or hot rooms with greater sun exposure. Plus, your system won’t overtax itself by trying to heat or cool rooms that refuse to stay consistent.

Humidity Control

High and low temperatures aren’t your home’s only enemies. Humidity can do damage as well. When you air seal your home and make it easier to control temperatures, you’re preventing the development of humidity in your attic, basement, and elsewhere. Humidity can cause moisture to build up and set up the perfect conditions for mold, mildew, rot, and multiple pests, some of which can infest and destroy your home’s wood. Air sealing, combined with a dehumidifier, can fight a rise in moisture in your home to prevent these and other problems. The air also becomes healthier to breathe.

Save, Save, Save!

When considering the benefits of air sealing, don’t forget that a sealed home can save you money. After air sealing, you’ll notice your electricity or gas bills will go down, and your home will retain hot or cold air and do less work to create either. In some cases, you may even qualify for tax credits when you insulate and air seal your home. Ask your accountant for details. In any event, investigate air sealing contractors and request a quote on air sealing your home today!