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A How To Guide For Trimming Spray Foam

When Should I Trim Spray Foam?

Homeowners may find themselves taking on a new home project which involves a spray foam kit in order to seal or patch a gap. After the foam expands, a small amount may protrude, which then needs to be trimmed.

Using the correct tools and methods are essential in trimming the spray foam. By using the wrong materials or approach, the foam may become damaged and have to be reapplied. 

What Steps Should I Take To Trim Spray Foam?

Once the spray foam has been applied, allow 24 hours for the foam to cure before trimming. After allowing sufficient time for the foam to dry and cure, selecting the proper trimming tool is the next step to take.

Depending on the size and location of the projects, a small, large or thick blade may need to be used. Additionally, a special blade needs to be utilized for open cell spray foam vs closed cell spray foam.

How Should I Apply The Trimming Blade To The Spray Foam?

Depending on the type of foam and amount of area you are covering, different tools and methods may be used. Learn more below about the different trimming methods for spray foam.

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